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Logo Design

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Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Edify Media has designed logos for builders, developers, massive business houses, multiple online businesses, and hospitality catering sectors, to name a few. Our expert, graphic designers and logo visualizers are very astute when it comes to delivering what our client's vision and keep the aesthetics of their imagination.

Whether you are starting a new business or revamping your existing one, a logo always plays a vital role as a recognition factor for customers. A beautiful logo also transmits a message to potential customers about a particular company’s attention to detail, and also help them determine how reliable they are on both conscious and subconscious level.

Depending on the type of industry and the business sector you indulge in, there are numerous factors that need to go into Logo making. Our team of experts follows a strict process where they go step by step in order to guarantee the best service possible.

We do:


When we receive and confirm your design order and any other required information – our design team start researching immediately. Your project is based on the information provided on the creative communication brief. We may require more information which we shall receive via email or any other means of communication viable.


After we research extensively, in this stage, we start planning and take various suitable looks into consideration to see what matches your concepts including. This includes the layout, placement of graphics, what colors, and fonts.


We then start the design and work with our clients throughout the brand design process; in fact, we design artwork that is specifically tailored to suit your business or meet your expectations.