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Conference :

Edify Media comprises of young and enthusiast conferences and workshops creators who make sure the event in your mind turns into a reality. We are highly driven by the desire and urge to bring together our client’s vision and reality together with meticulously crafted event management procedures. Our team always reaches out to the clients to make sure the both parties are on the same page and there are no mistakes.

We also provide expert consultation to our clients if they require and offer suggestions based on different factors such as requirements, setting, themes, and budget. Our sole motto is to always talk about the budget last because it should not be an obstruction that diminishes quality of your vision.

What we do:

- We decide an appropriate theme

- Assemble team according to your requirements

- Prepare budget

- Talk with sponsors (if needed)

- Book venue

- Arrange other vendors (catering, etc)




Updated : June 2019