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Edify Media provide fully managed seminar marketing and seminar promotion services. Whether you are a local or a national entity who sells products or services from the multi-brand showroom or the back of the room, we do it all. We host events for CEO's, company staffs, and for individual entrepreneurs who aspire to build a new market; we can help you drive up your seat count and revenue.

We always strive to build and maintain strong, long-lasting professional relationships with our clients through open, honest, and transparent communication. This ensures that there is no communication gap between us and our clients, which ensures there is always room to grow through suggestion and feedback. Our experience in organizing successful events such as seminars date back to years, and we can proudly say that in the Nepali market, we rank as one of the best.

We work to structured plans and our team of young experts gets in touch quickly to address client requests and analyze the requirements. We always try to stay on top of marketing trends so that your clients stay on top of their business as well. While many think seminars are something insignificant, it plays a massive role in creating a relationship between your business and your clients or partner or perhaps, the public in general.

Some of our successful seminars include multiple dealers meet for Sagar Group, one of the ICT product distribution giants in Nepal.

We collaborate to understand your goal.

We work as an extension of your vision to provide a complete marketing solution.

Uncover the internal drivers of your audience to facilitate loyal and meaningful relationships.